Friday, October 30, 2009

Your Favorite Items Under $20

Not a bad response for the first "Audience Participation Friday." And would you believe that some dudes even responded? Awesome. I'm also impressed that many of your items were even under $10. I asked what your favorite items under $20 were — and here's what you had to share:

Miz Mb sent in a casual dress she picked up from the GAP for $20. She even shows how to wear her piece more than one way. "I love it because it’s a light soft fabric that can blend well into any season. It has a comfortable neckline and cinched waist that makes it flirty, and is something I can dress up or down." — Mira (D.C.)

(Mira continued): "I can wear is bare-legged with flip flops or with tights, boots, and a matching scarf. It’s easy to dress this wardrobe staple down or up. Last night I wore this dress with green tights and a grey cardigan before going to [my boyfriend's] to watch TV. Before leaving, I ditched the cardigan for my black fall jacket since it was chilly." (Loving the fun tights, girl)

"Totally an old navy baseball-style shirt. $5 and really comfy." — Greg (Atlanta)

"It is definitely the black/white check sleeveless shirt that I bought with you at a thrift store ... I wear it about once a week - summer, winter, spring, fall ... in colder weather I wear it under a cardigan. And it cost less than $5!" — Lou a.k.a. my mom (Columbus)

"It has to be my new Levi's from Urban Outfitters. They are button-fly and boyfriend baggy style. I found them on the sale rack and they just happened to be my size! I was very pleased to pay $19 for them. I think they're reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston's causal style you'll often see in People magazine." — Anna (Dahlonega)

"my game day jersey... i got it on ebay and i wont leave the house on a notre dame saturday without it. $5!!!" — Alan (Warner Robbins)

Alan enjoys dinner in his $5 Notre Dame Jersey from eBay (a great place to find sports items for cheap!)

Budget friendly fashion diva Olivia had a tough time picking which <$20 item was her favorite so she sent three.

Oooh! I love these Nine West booties O. picked up for $19.99.

Olivia's Barclay square velvet jacket (thrifted in Nashville for $6)

This item wasn't just under $20, it was free! Olivia gets a lot of use out of this fabulous leather jacket her mom wore in high school.

For me, I would say the Armani Exchange jacket/blazer I picked up at Goodwill a few months back. It seems to be so versatile (works with jeans, slacks, dresses, etc.). I also feel like the fabric is rather season neutral. And it was $5.59!

For next week: What's your idea of a fun date night (or daytime activity) that costs less than $25? (Yes, I realize that photos may be tougher for this one — but try away!). Send your submissions to by Wednesday, November 4.


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