Sunday, October 18, 2009

Husband Loses Bet, Wife Wins: A Story of Pearls and Legs

When the hubs and I went out of town to celebrate our anniversary, we planned to do a little hike around the north Georgia mountains. When the weather didn't cooperate, we opted for a movie instead (no complaints here, as we don't actually go to the movies as much as I wish we did). 

Dan probably wishes it had been sunny that day. A few minutes into "The Informant," I quietly proclaimed to Dan that I recognized one of the actors as the very same guy who played Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future series. Dan absolutely did not believe me and even suggested we bet $100 on whether or not this guy was indeed Biff. I shook his hand, never having been so sure in my life.

Immediate checking of ensues. I see shaking of the head and mouthing of expletives. Score! What could I buy... hmmm? [Even though it's "our" money, I decided it was okay that some could be earmarked for me.]

Flash forward three weeks. I decided to seek out a strand of pearls in the $80-$120 price range. Every gal could use a nice strand of pearls (classic, beautiful and glamorous are just a few words I use to describe pearls). We received a "20 percent off" coupon for Macy's in the mail this week, too. A sign? I thought so!

So, while visiting our friends James and Lauren in Columbus, Georgia, this weekend, I suggested to Lauren that we swing by the mall. We couldn't have picked a better day! The signage at the jewelry counter read, "50 percent off." I tried on a few strands of pearls, eventually settling on an 18-inch, 7.5/8 mm strand originally marked $260. After applying both discounts, the strand set me back a rather reasonable $110.

Never the one to waste a trip to the mall, I asked if we could browse some of the nearby stores for patterned and colored tights. Express had some cute ones that were $12.50 each (plus buy one, get one half off). Unfortunately, few were left in my sizes except for boring black and grey. We meandered down to New York & Company. Cute tights, not all that impressive of prices (I think these were $12.50, too). Dillard's was the jackpot. I bought a pair of crimson tights and a pair of black ones with a brown and grey argyle pattern. Can't wait to wear those this week.

Yes, I can do math. I'm perfectly aware I spent just a **few** dollars more than what the bet won me. I'll consider it "interest."

Thanks, Biff. :)


Mb said...

Damn I should have made a similar bet w/ Shoe when he insisted this past weekend that the actor Wesley Jonathan was Nick Cannon.

Kb_Mal said...

You know for next time! :)