Tuesday, October 6, 2009

(Delayed Post) Relics and Rarities

Decatur Metro keeps posting great local entertainment ideas, political discussions, restaurant reviews, crime reports and more. 

His post about Relics and Rarities, a downtown Decatur antique car museum and ice cream shop, got my wheels turning immediately. I'm effectively married to a big kid — and I knew he would appreciate Warren Pickard's passion for automobiles and modern car history. Me, well, I knew I would appreciate patronizing a local shop, eating ice cream and seeing my husband act like a school boy.

Dan with Collins before Collins had to skip off to see his grandma and grandpa.

The converted garage really is a labor of love. You can sense Pickard's zeal for entertaining the public and entertaining the local crowds. An adults-only room really dazzles the eyes — and the kid area was a lot of fun, too. If I remember correctly, entrance to the museum is $2 (or free if you buy a $2.50 or $3.50 cup or cone of ice cream). I recommend the cinnamon. The day we visited, R&R was hosting a kid's birthday party.

Verdict: worth the visit whether you're young or old (kids or not). I hope they can keep the doors open with these prices (birthday parties could provide some great additional revenue).

Open 12 to 9 every day. Located at 409 North McDdonough Street (across from the high school); Decatur, Georgia 30030. More info on their Web site.

(Olivia, Tres and baby Collins — we will go again if you want to check it out!)


Tres Crow said...

I'm so bummed we weren't able to check this place out. It sounds awesome. Love the pick of Collins.

Little Crow said...

Who's that sexy guy in the yellow shirt?

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Oh yes! Cath and I (and our Dad) looooved R&R! We went book fest weekend and cooled down with rootbeer floats. Gahhh! We should have a blogger meet-up there. We know DM- maybe we can convince him to join? ;)

Kb_Mal said...

Tres, we can go again. It was way fun (and I never deny myself of ice cream).

Lil Crow - you were lookin' good, G!

Tres Crow said...

I think Litlle Crow and I would like that. It seemed like a cool place. I know Olivia was really bummed we couldn't go.

Kb_Mal said...

I'm up for goin' again!