Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something to Look Forward to

I popped into the LaVista Road/Northlake Goodwill tonight to return my two different sized shoes only to see an unfamiliar layout. "This isn't how the shoes were arranged on Saturday, I thought to myself..."

Well, they weren't arranged that way on Saturday because I wasn't at the Northlake Goodwill on Saturday! I was at the Buford Highway one. Doh!

I went ahead and asked the gal behind the jewelry/high-end purse counter what I should do about my mismatched shoes. She is pretty sure I can take them back and point out the different sizes... for at least store credit. I'm enough of a regular that store credit is fine with me.

While I was there, I went ahead and a quick drive-by of the dress section. This blue and beige safari-ish print dress was calling my name. I didn't try it on (too much in a hurry to get to the DeKalb Farmer's Market) but when I saw it's collar and belted waist, I knew I had to have it. I'll look forward to wearing Merona (Target) dress when the warmer weather shows up (April?). Since I was checking out at the jewelry counter, I picked up a dark green, lucite bead necklace that ought to pair well.

Nine bucks ain't bad for a dress and a coordinating accessory. Now if I could just find time to swing by the other Goodwill and fix this shoe situation....

And remember to send in your submissions for Audience Participation Friday! What's your favorite item in your closet that was under $20? Send to (and pictures are encouraged!).


Fell 4 Fashion said...

I so need you to go thrift shopping with me!!!! I know of the good consignment stores in the atlanta area, but not so much the goodwills and other thrift stores. Care to share???? :)

Traci said...

I agree with Fell 4 Fashion! Can we have a group thrift shopping event?? Now that would be fun! We could call it the Goodwill Tour or something :) I'm a complete novice and can use all the help I can get! Of course, we'd probably have to make sure we're all different sizes - haha!

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks for the compliments on my finds.

Oddly enough, I'm trying to figure out a date to do a Goodwill event of some kind (I have some ideas up my sleeve). Of course I'll give lots of advanced notice.

I hit up the Northlake (LaVista Road) and BuHi ones the most but also have had success at the Lilburn location off Lawrenceville Highway.

Can't wait to hear what you ladies find - stay tuned about my Goodwill announcement.

Traci said...

Sounds interesting...will keep an eye for an announcement.

It just hit me that the Goodwill on Buford Hwy is in the same strip mall as Panahar! Enjoy some Indian food if you go there to take your shoes back :)

Anonymous said...