Monday, October 12, 2009

Surprise Finds in the Great Automobile State

When we departed for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in Holland, Michigan, I had no idea Saturday would turn into a thriftravaganza.

You see, over cocktails and barbeque Friday night, I learned that my Aunt Janet might be the thriftiest lady alive. "Everything but my underwear and shoes I buy secondhand," my aunt proudly shared. And proud she should be! With her immaculate (and cute!) $3.00 khakis, $2.00 sweaters and even a $1.50 Banana Republic suit, she is my hero!

We decided right away that we must check out Holland's finest in thrift, consignment and secondhand. My brother Paul and cousin Maureen didn't have to be convinced. They would be along for this ride.

First stop: Ditto secondhand (ha! I get it!)

(Fun to try on but not purchased...) This wasn't the maternity wear Mo was looking for...

(Also not purchased but fun to try on...) Eat your heart out, Brad from Rachel Zoe. 

Totally Paul's style... I think this is a Brooks Brothers button-up and it was around $4.00 (Ditto in Holland, Michigan).

Paul's big find: a Top Gun-era leather jacket (worn in just right). He paid $16... but this should be a priceless piece. Reed jacket found at Ditto.

Nice, feminine tie sweater on Aunt Janet (I think $3.00? at Ditto).

Paul may disagree, but I think this 70s-era 100% leather and suede trench was the find of the day. The label says "Montgomery Ward" — and the piece is in great shape. $15 at Salvation Army. I can't WAIT to wear this. Credit must be given to Aunt J (she found this but it was a little too short in the arms for her tall frame).

Perfect, lined Isaac Mizrahi for Target pencil skirt (you can't see in this photo, but the skirt is a textured cotton/chiffon blend). $4.00 at Holland's Salvation Army. Strange man in red shirt sold separately.

This photo doesn't do justice to Janet's belted, vintage Liz Claiborne dress (I think $6) from Salvation Army. Mint condition and it fit like a glove!

Modeling our "new" leather duds. (Photo bomb courtesy of cousin Mo)

She's not wearing any new buys, but I had to throw in this photo because Anna's looking ferosh in her Dress Up Boutique slate dress ($31) and my Mercedes Bien elastic belt ($18).

And I love my new suitcase! This Safe-Way luggage is eclectic with an old world feel. ($3.00 at Ditto in Holland, Michigan.)

What a great weekend! Beyond the fantastic thrifting, we very much enjoyed celebrating my grandparents and the love they've shared for 60 years. Congratulations, Jack and Bette!


Mb said...

Wow. I love Paul's jacket. If I could, I would borrow it. Have been looking for something similar for myself.

PS- Annabanana's hair is looking good.

plt said...

I LOVE your new coat! Awesome awesome awesome! I have had some good thrift store buys lately too but since I've turned into a non-existant blogger, I haven't photographed or posted anything :(

Kb_Mal said...

PLT! I'm so glad to hear from you!

Thanks for the compliments. Please post some updates soon!