Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Fall Favorite: Patterned Tights

As I mentioned early into starting this blog, patterned and/or vibrant tights can infuse some life into fall clothes. As far as I'm concerned, tights are one of the most fun parts of cold weather attire!

I was giddy with excitement this morning as I pulled these bad girls out of my sock, nylons and leggings drawer (there may also be a few renegade swim suits in there...). 

Tights are from our Italy trip last year. They came from a store called Intimissimi and were about 10 euros, I think. Shoes are Xhilaration (Target) and were $12.99.

p.s. it was to randomly meet you tonight, blog reader Naomi!


annabeck said...

They featured fun winter tights on the Today Show this morning! You are so up on the winter fashions. I hope to make some purchases like this one very soon.

The Orkins said...

It was great to meet you too - and I meant to tell you that I loved your tights. I have some patterned tights but have not had the guts to wear them - maybe this will be the year.

Mb said...

Love these. Bought a whole bunch of funky tights this weekend with Zsa zsa.

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks, ladies.

Naomi, bust 'em out. Own the look!

The Orkins said...

I wore them yesterday - lots of compliments. Must buy more (and must not wear them again on a day we have a fire drill and I have to walk doen 45 flights of stairs. Refused to take off my shoes and ruin my tights).

Kb_Mal said...

OOoh. You go girl (fire drill and all)! What was the pattern? I'm proud!