Saturday, October 3, 2009

(Nearly) A Week in Review

When I wake up, I think I'll be able to pick out in outfit in under a minute. With all the staples that any gal probably has (black skirt, brown skirt, black sweater, black dress, solid and print button-ups, blazers, etc.), it shouldn't be that hard... right?

Turns out that the one-minute estimate is on the way skimpy side. Each morning, I end up spending about 10 minutes second-guessing a boring outfit choice only to grab something funkier from the depths of my wardrobe. Then I triple-guess myself, wondering if the slightly edgier outfit will be too much for my semi-conservative office. Then I land somewhere in the middle. 

I'm working to find the balance between fun/unique and business casual. Where are Stacy and Clinton when I need them?

Monday: OLD black Wal-Mart tank ($10), random black/white shrug sweater from Ross ($12), random Macy's black pencil skirt ($14) with white seams, gifted crimson Nine West shoes

Tuesday: GAP Outlet teal v-neck sweater ($17), GAP Outlet black and teal cap-sleeve blouse ($17) Ann Taylor LOFT lined wool pants via The Nearly New store ($7), gifted Kenneth Cole kitten heel Mary Janes

Wednesday: BCBG dress ($15 from Ross), Target tights ($5?), Lapis black swing coat ($12), Fitzwell heels ($15 plus S&H from

The Tuesday dress by its lonesome

Friday: vintage plaid lined cape ($4 plus $10 for alterations), Banana Republic Outlet white button-up ($17), Banana chinos ($6 at The Nearly New), Nine West brown kitten heels ($30)

(Forgot to take photos Thursday — sorry! And it looks like all but one outfit fell under $50)

What do you wear to work?


Mb said...

so glad to see those heels are getting some use. they belonged to you from the min that i bought them :)

Kb_Mal said...

Yeah girl! And everyone compliments them!

Mego said...

i think kgb has the same bcbg dress.

Kb_Mal said...

The KGB DOES have this dress (I saw it on some of her facebook photos). I hope she got a good deal, too!