Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Style

Sweater and jeans weather is my favorite weather of the year. During the Georgia summer, as everyone else is losing themselves in poolside days, sundresses and halter tops, I yearn for the fall. When others are enjoying spring's cool and misty mornings, I think privately about how spring's humidity doesn't compare to the fall's crispness. 

Fall has officially arrived here. It's time for jeans, sweaters, dresses, patterned tights, wool coats, boots and lightweight scarves. This is the weather I crave — and the clothes feel closest to my personality.

  • Military-style sweater: Lauren Mitchell via Ross ($20-ish)
  • Billabong tee from Ross (maybe $10?)
  • XOXO skinnies ($25)
  • Fresh-from-Ross Jessica Simpson buckled leather flats ($25)

I've never owned any J. Simps before... I must admit that I'm digging them. Killer comfortable, durable materials and a rugged chic look. I may have to explore her heels...

Happy Weekend!


Mb said...

cute flats. beware her heels tho. i've heard evil things.

Kb_Mal said...

Good to know!