Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Crush: What I Wore

About a month ago, I read a Web article that featured Love, Maegan and her favorite date outfit. The piece also featured a few other fun and fearless fashion bloggers (Rats, I wish I could find the article!).

Well, ever since finding her, I've had a major blog crush on "What I Wore" and its creator, Jessica Schroeder. 

Jessica pairs thrifted with new, altered with off-the-rack, modern with vintage, conservative with far out. You get the picture. She also offers up tips on how to maximize your wardrobe and step out from the mundane. I especially covet Jessica's tights, vintage dresses and shoes... okay, actually everything. And as one of my friends put it, she just seems to know a lot about fashion and what's flattering (whether it's the fabric, the cut or the pattern).

Here are a few shots from her blog, What I Wore:

She has 162 pages of posts over the last few years. Don't skip any of them. Enjoy!

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