Thursday, October 29, 2009

Store Credit

Mistake #1: buying a pair of different sized shoes on Saturday.

Mistake #2: talking on the phone and browsing the racks before trying to return the shoes.

Smart move/mistake #3: finding some awesome items before turning in the sad, unmatching shoes.

Thank goodness they gave me store credit. The shoes would have been a $12 money pit. Hell, who am I kidding? I probably would have bought the below items anyway. (Turns out it was an even exchange — and I still ended up with a pair of burgundy shoes to wear with my new burgundy tights.)

Vest: vintage (no tag) with purple lining
Shoes: Aerosoles (never worn)
Button-up: Docker's (barely worn... and it hopefully it will remedy my failure shirt situation from last Friday)

Rats. I went to return my shoes and drafted this post before I saw Traci's comment that her restaurant recommendation (Panahar) is in the same shopping center as the BuHi Goodwill. Boo!


Traci said...

Oh well, you can do Panahar the next time you go to the Buford Hwy Goodwill :) Glad you found other shoes at least!

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...
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