Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

Today, I was a lady that lunched. I met up with my ex-work husband, Gregory, at a little Mexican place in Norcross. (Read more about work spouses here.)It had been WAY too long since I'd seen Greg, and we had plenty to update one another on. Greg's still in a very happy relationship and just returned from a great birthday trip to Florida. I filled Greg in on our house progress, married life and my work updates.

And, of course, it seemed like a great occasion to snap a self-timed photo... so silly. More time = blow dried/flat ironed hair!

Can you tell its 90+ degrees in Atlanta?
  • Old Navy little black dress (thrifted - $5)
  • Pop Icon oversized button-up (thrifted this past weekend for $7)
  • Mod elastic belt from DC trip ($18 from Mercedes Bien)
  • Green faux alligator loafers (Bare Traps, from Ross - $10)... though I was tempted to wear my new boots again

Better shot of the loafers... so comfy and fun


Anonymous said...

Very cute! And you're getting so good at the timed self-photo! That is an art that I am still having problems grasping :)

AsianCajuns said...

Those loafers are too cute! And you look way to chic and cool in that photo- I melt everyday in this heat!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks, PLT! When are you going to post your next self-photo? And thanks for the tag in your recent post. I need to write my keepsake post!

AsianCajuns - I'd only been outside for two minutes. I melted shortly after... love these loafers!