Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things: Eating and Thrifting

It's only 5:30 on Saturday afternoon — and it's already been a great weekend!

The husband and I started out our Saturday with a family brunch meet up at Wahoo Decatur Grill. Our party of seven arrived at 11am, just as the doors were opening. If you haven't been to Wahoo for brunch — or dinner for that matter — I encourage you to. Great ambiance, interesting menu and solid service.

Here are a few entrees we enjoyed:

French toast with fresh fruit and sausage links

Salmon — with citrus glaze — special entree
(Paul swapped out the basmati rice for fries)

Mmm... salmon eggs benedict with white cheddar grits

With great choices from both the brunch and regular menus (plus a few brunch-time cocktails), all our diners left more than satisfied. I think the fan favorites were the salmon eggs benedict and the breakfast burrito (not pictured). The mimosas were especially tasty, too. Thanks for treating us, Dad and Susan!

Then I was on to my favorite weekend sport: THRIFTING! Plus, Paul was in town and eager to check out the new Decatur Last Chance location. 

Oh, Paul.

Last Chance in Decatur: new location, same great finds

Last Chance moved last month from it's long-time post in Patel Brothers Grocery Plaza on Church Street. While I felt the new, smaller location (on North Decatur and Scott Boulevard) was cleaner and better organized, Paul missed the feel of the old place. In its new home, however, the second-hand deals are still alive and well. I was about five minutes too late to check out the shoes, as another shopper had just snapped up a pair of size 9, black snakeskin cowboy boots. When I complimented her find, she asked me my shoe size (usually 8.5) and told me she has a pair of slightly too small black cowboy boots at home — and asked if I was interested in them. I gave her my e-mail address and have my fingers crossed (e-mail me, Jenny!).

While I usually don't try on pants (too much variation in waist sizes, lengths, fits, etc., that it's usually a poor use of time to try them on), I decided to take about 10 pairs with me to the fitting room. The odds were against me, but I managed to find a pair of great indigo-washed cropped jeans from Banana. Perfect fit! Score. I also settled on a lightweight, white button-up that I can wear with fun belts or over dresses. Double score.

I had high hopes for this corduroy jacket and Michael Kors jeans... 
both were failures (unless I want to moonlight as a nerdy/casual Literature professor)

Paul, the photographer.

Banana Republic jeans at Last Chance

But the best was yet to come. Just when I thought my cowboy boot moment had passed, I spotted a pair of grey and cream-colored roper boots behind the counter, among the "premium" shoes. When the sales gal told me they were a size 7, my heart sunk. Regardless, I asked to try them on, hoping they were a men's or boy's size 7... and my hoping paid off. This sweet pair of boots fit great... AHHH! Awesome.

The boots. Yay! 

What an awesome surprise to find the tags still on these things ($24.99 for me).

After Last Chance, we hit up the Goodwill on Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn (near the largest Hindu temple outside of India). This is where Paul hit the jackpot. He picked up two Polo shirts, an Izod polo-style shirt and a killer pair of navy corduroy Polo shorts. I snagged a purple boutique-style dress (tags on) that will be unveiled after it gets a minor nip/tuck at Sunny's alterations. 

Group shot of the goods: brand-spankin-new genuine snakeskin boots by Laredo ($24.99), 
Banana Republic jeans ($8.99), Pop Icon button-up ($6.99): $43.84

Good food, family, friends... and awesome thrift finds. If only every Saturday could be like this...


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I want those boots! Great finds (as always)!

Katy Beck said...

Thanks, PLT! As if you couldn't tell, I am a wee bit excited about the boots.