Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dirty Bird Part 3

This morning, Julia boldly decided that today was the day... to wear the bird necklace, that is. 

(Julia, the necklace almost distracted me too much to notice 
your makeup looks especially beautiful today.)

She wrote in with a report on the accessory and its reactions:

"So everyone's response have been pretty positive.  All the men have ignored the necklace because they know better than to ask (it would prove that they were looking at my ta-tas).  The ladies all love it.  Their initial reaction is pretty hysterical. You can see their mouths twitch and eyebrows raise but all of them love it.  Shabrina did not disappoint. Here's how that went down:"

Coworker Shabrina: "Hey J, do you know wh...um, that's a nice necklace."
Julia: "Oh you like it?"
S: "I mean I wouldn't wear it but you can pull it off"
J: "Thanks, I think"
S: "Did you lose a bet?"
J: "Something like that.  It is my friend Katy's"
S: "Is she a white girl?"


(Shot of Julia's ta-tas... errr... the necklace from last week's girls' dinner)

Also, Julia's coworker Lisa decided the necklace needed some accoutrements, so she sent Julia a photo of these earrings she found on eBay:

Hopefully, more updates forthcoming...


Mb said...

Haha too funny. Amazing how much avian inspired jewlery is on the market.

SlipStitchWitch said...

Hahaha I'm addicted to this bird necklace stuff...you could base an entire blog around it lol...like the traveling gnome. I can't wait to read more about it!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Mb, I think I found 500 bird earrings when I did an eBay search. OUT OF CONTROL.

SSW, it is pretty fun to watch, isn't it? I need to see if any other friends want to borrow it so I can document their experiences, too!