Monday, June 29, 2009

You Know I Couldn't Resist

(Wearing my one-day-old boots to work today!!)

  • Isaac Mizrahi dress ($20 at Target); I wore this as my wedding getaway dress
  • New/thrifted boots ($25 at Last Chance in Decatur)
  • Pendant necklace with multistrand black beads (Gifted by Mb when she was downsizing her costume jewelry collection)
  • (Not pictured) Armani Exchange blazer shown here


Anonymous said...

Love it! You look great - I swear you and Jennifer Nettles could be twins :)

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Ha. Is it the cowboy boots, PLT?

Chiara said...

You look great! I love the pic on the deck... Hehe Almost like the first day of school.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks, Miss C! Since the boots were new, it kind of FELT like the first day of school!

moeko said...

you are so lucky you get to wear cute outfits like that to work!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks, Mo. You know you want to borrow my boots for casual day at PWC... what would HR say about that?