Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DC vintage shopping + outfit post

Today's post is dedicated to my friend Mb, who I visited this past weekend... and happy birthday, my dear!

I had the greatest time in DC this past weekend! I stayed Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with my friend Mb. She lives in Chinatown in DC proper, convenient to the metro and to all the cool parts of town. 

After sleeping off sushi, red wine and martinis from the night before (mmm Oya was delish), we ventured out to Adams Morgan to hit up the DC Vintage scene. I'd read in the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog that DC has quite a few awesome secondhand shops. With Mb and her friend Lauren in tow, I was destined to find good things and enjoy every minute of the journey.

I have to say that our 45 minutes or so at Mercedes Bien was one of the highlights of the weekend. I enjoyed trying on various pieces (ranging from a polka dot jumpsuit to a belted, mod print dress) and watching Mb and Lauren sift through cool threads. I showed the sales girl photos from my blog and she couldn't believe what great stuff I've found on my home turf. Then somehow, I got into a favorite blogs conversation with a customer (Ginger of Booshie Design) and was asked to write down my favorite style blogs for the sales girl and for Ginger. (Shout outs to the AsianCajuns, Sally Jane Vintage and Love... Maegan.) Talking with them was a lot of fun. Later, we got to meet Mercedes herself — talk about fabulous. She was an incredible, eclectic, interesting, stylish character. 

All photos taken at Mercedes Bien in Adams Morgan (DC)

The selection at Mercedes Bien is very well thought out and interesting. If I had big money to burn, I definitely would have bought vintage jewelry, dresses, sunglasses and shoes galore. Regardless, I was happy with my final purchase; I ended up snagging a mod-looking, black, elastic belt with a silver buckle ($18). Mb picked up a fantastic, vintage, green, belted skirt ($42).

Mb's new skirt is much like this one but dark green with a built-in belt... awesome 
(photo seen here on the Green Lashes and Fashion blog)

Our time at Mercedes Bien and Meeps also reminded me how great the Atlanta thrifting scene is. I'm pretty sure that many of the items I've found for $3 to $7 at my local Goodwills would retail for $50-plus at Mercedes Bien. (On that note, maybe I should see if I could become a remote buyer...)

Meeps was also a lot of fun (and slightly less expensive) but I found the items slightly less glamorous and more costume-y. If you're looking for vintage t-shirts, funky pants and more casual wear, definitely check out Meeps. 

I came home to Atlanta with one other "new" item in my suitcase — a pair of cranberry-colored, peep toe, platform pumps that were too small for my dear friend. Her slightly larger foot is my gain (LOVE these shoes - thanks lady!). So last night, when I saw a girl walking into the gym wearing a pencil skirt, I felt inspired. I realized my pencil skirt needed to be dusted off — and it would be a great match for my "new" slingback pumps and elastic belt.

Can you tell that I feel like a goofball?

So, today:
  • Express pencil skirt with Leopard-print lining 
  • Classic white t-shirt (thrifted - $3)
  • Nine West pumps mentioned above (gifted from Mb)
  • Mod stretch belt ($18 at Mercedes Bien)


Anonymous said...

You look great! Not goofball-esque at all! (But I do know how you feel - I hate posing and it's hard to get comfortable doing it). Love the new belt and shoes :)

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks, PLT. Let's continue to be supportive of one another's self-shot photos!

Chiara said...

I can't believe that Mira gave you those shoes... I've been eyeing them FOREVER!!! LMAO Next time I come to the ATL you may find them missing... Hehehe

Roxxi said...

I forgot how fun it is to take pictures of you.

Mb said...

LOL C, I had no idea you liked them!! You rarely wear heels and those are a monstrous 4.5 inchers!

K, you look great. Way to work the stilts.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks, Mb. I only almost fell about four times... :) Maegan said...

Oh what an absolutely fabulous post! I love vintage ..such great finds! ...and you don't look like a goofball ;) but posing is funny. I don't mind posting the photos but I hate when people watch me take them lol!

Happy Friday!

{thanks for the link}

Katy Beck said...

Thanks for the comment, Maegan. I'll try and get the hang of self-made outfit post photos... in the mean time, I'll keep writing up my vintage shopping experiences (love it, too)!

Katy Beck said...

C- whoops. I didn't know you had your eye on these!

ralhp said...

Cute outfit of yours. Hmn, I know little about woman's stuff and clothes only that when I buy my own stuffs, they're usually from a garage sale or second hand stores too. Most of my clothes were discount suits. have this double breasted suit, my favorite attire every friday which I got from a midnight sale last christmas.