Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not So Fulfilling in Decatur

I usually reserve this blog for items and activities that I find fulfilling (finding great deals online and at thrift stores, eating, cooking, shopping my closet for wacky new outfits, etc.). 

Today I shift gears to something that's, well, not quite so fulfilling: HAVING A SUPER SKETCHY HOUSE NOT FAR FROM MY HOUSE!!!

Drive-by of questionable abode... what's this place really about? 
(not pictured: strange men smoking cigs on the porch)

 I haven't been able to catch the actual street address on North Druid, but this home is on the corner of North Druid Hills and Laurel Hill Drive in Decatur. The red-painted wood and brick house is often accessorized with rando older men smoking cigarettes on the porch.

Map showing location of said sketchy house (click to enlarge)

I've not-so-affectionally referred to this house as the "nearby halfway house" but my husband's research tells me it's a "hotel" for Veterans. I wonder if the cracked-out-looking man/woman thing that was being escorted from the home yesterday BY POLICE was a veteran. He/she did not look impressed re: the formal removal, but he/she obviously talked the cop into letting him/her bring some Popeye's into the backseat.  

I'd like to hear more about just how legit this "Veteran's hotel" is. As of right now, it's not feeling quite so legit. Do you Decatur-ites know anything about said home? I'm dying to know.


Mb said...

Oh my!! We have a few of these in my neighborhood. Sketch.

Kb_Mal said...

Mb, too bad I don't have a photo of the man/woman person that was being pulled from the house a few days ago. Yikes!

annabeck said...

SKETCHY!!! i just wish the old men were pictures to give the whole effect.

Kb_Mal said...

Super sketchy.

Miss jane said...
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