Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return of the Dirty Bird

We had over a few friends for dinner last night — and the topic of personal style came up. Maria mentioned that she is usually less apt to buy something when she has to buy a whole new outfit to support it (e.g. odd shoes). Then we talked about offbeat clothing and accessory choices. So naturally, my infamous bird necklace came up in conversation. The girls were appalled and amazed that I'd worn the necklace to everything from work to Moeko's rehearsal dinner. Seeing in that the diners had not seen the piece in person, I ran back to my room and returned with the beautiful avian creation.

Megan and Julia immediately had an idea. They wanted to each wear the necklace to work — starting with Megan, then Julia next week. Maria, for some strange reason, did not volunteer to join in the fun. Dan interjected that he tried his best to not let me get the necklace... Anyway, we all brainstormed the kind of comments coworkers may have, or the kinds of looks they may send the necklace model's way.

Here's Megan, sporting the necklace for her commute. 

Megan sent me updates throughout the day. Her colleagues were disappointingly (and surprisingly) quiet. So, Megan helped jump start some conversations:

Coworker/Friend David: (after lunch, walking back to their offices and passing another coworker in the hall) "Megan, who is that guy? I know he works with you... but what is his name?"

Megan: "Brad"

David: "Oh, the bird?" [Brad's nickname is "the Bird"]

Megan: "Yes, the bird. Speaking of bird's, what do you think of my necklace?"

David: "Yeah, my initial thought was, 'when did Megan become an art teacher?'"

And from Megan at the end of the day: "Though the day has not ended, this necklace has really grown on me!"

Megan also reported funny looks/stares throughout the day, but not the same over-the-top comments we were expecting. 

Julia is sure her coworkers will be more vocal... stay tuned.


Mego said...


SlipStitchWitch said...

This is hysterical I can't wait to check back for more co-worker comments lol art teacher lol

Mb said...

LOL this words. I've seen it IRL and am convinced that only a few select people can pull it off (namely you). Megan did a good job holding her own. Interested in readin what Julia experiences.

Anonymous said...

'when did Megan become an art teacher?'

ha ha ha! defintely brought me back to early elementary school ...but she wore wooden brooches, not necklaces :)

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Mego, hilarious indeed. You were quite the sport. I think you should also wear it to a semi-serious event (like a baby shower), just for kicks.

SSW - Julia promises to send a full report. I know I'll have more fodder to post!

Mb - the necklace is unique indeed. You know you want to borrow it...

PLT, where can I find a wooden brooch? Seriously!?!

moeko said...

this is one of your best posts. i can't stop laughing. props to mego and julia - i'm on the same page as maria :)
btw i think the bird needs a name!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Naming game commence!

mew3333 said...

haha...Maria can definitely NOT pull off the bird necklace.

I also thought it was hilarious when Dan told us he refused to give you a few dollars in cash so you could buy that necklace. He could not support such a purchase. HAHAHAHA!!!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Maria, I think you should give it a whirl... you may fall in love with the avian beauty.

Check out my post from earlier today about Julia wearing the necklace. Amazing.