Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How Can You Pass Up a Pair of White Jeans?

You can't, right?

Because Paul + Katy + free time = Thrifting, we had to make a stop by one of the local Goodwills. We did have to fight off a bunch of blue haired ladies (apparently it's senior day on Tuesdays), but it was worth it. The Goodwill on LaVista in Tucker continues to be one of our favorite G'Wills.

I can totally see these being preppy chic with a pink polo and boat shoes, or glammed up with some grimy high top sneakers and a concert tee. Awesome find.

Paul is seriously rocking these crisp white jeans by Contemporaine 
($5 at a local Goodwill)


Mb said...

That's amazing! Such a good pair of jeans and for so cheap. Unbelievable.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

The pictures don't do them justice, either!