Sunday, June 7, 2009

OBSESSED [Leon's Full Service]

Pub frites ($5) with our choice dipping sauces. The menu features 10-ish 
sauces to choose from, including masaman curry, barbeque, garlic aioli, etc.

Happy diners

Leon's veggie loaf (not sure what all's in it — 
but I'm convinced it contains crack)

On Friday night, I finally got a taste of Leon's Full Service. Accompanied by girlfriends Lauren and Ashley, I dined on pub frites (with the cucumber dill and goat cheese fondue dipping sauces) and the veggie loaf. 

We also grabbed beers off Leon's smart beer menu. I tried the St. Bernadus and the Lagunitas pilsner. Ashley and Lauren each tried both the Lagunitas and the Allagash white ale. While we enjoyed our beers, we all admitted to coveting some of the cocktails we saw our fellow patrons sipping on. 

I think my comments during veggie loaf eating were bordering (if not entering into) annoying, as I repeated over and over again, "OMG this is so freaking good." When the waiter came by, I told him the dish was "like crack." He and the gals all thought I said "like crap." Whoops. Not what I meant at all. Ashley seemed to enjoy her shrimp gyro and Lauren, her brisket open-faced sandwich... but not quite to the extent of my obsession with the veggie loaf.

The menu has a strong variety of starters, sandwiches, full entrees and beverages. If you haven't already, you really ought to check out Leon's. If this isn't good review enough, I insisted that Dan go to the restaurant with me tonight. That's two visits in one weekend. Do the math.

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