Sunday, November 1, 2009

A NIght at the Symphony

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (image from here).

While this is more on the splurge side of things, I still feel compelled to write about it on el blog because it was such a neat occasion (and a local one). 

The hubs bought tickets for us to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as his anniversary gift to me. This past Thursday night was the big night. We donned our business attire best (I thought cocktail attire would be a little overkill for a weeknight) and sat right up on the third row (note: the occupied row for this performance). Tickets were $43.00 a piece, which I thought was fair considering our seats and the caliber of the performance.

The music: Brahm's German Requiem. Dan picked this performance out from the bunch because it featured vocalists. And vocalists it featured! Two classical singers (one baritone, one soprano) plus a 100-plus person chorus accompanied the 1868 symphony. The German Requiem is somber in tone but not lacking in energy.  Wow. I won't pretend I can write at length about music but I will say that the performance was incredibly moving. There were moments when I got chills as the orchestra built in intensity along with the choral voices. For more information on the symphony and its history, go here

I highly recommend anyone see a symphony at least once (such a nice date night). A word of warning though: The music is so relaxing that you may find yourself wanting to close your eyes and nod off a bit. I would recommend a little latte or the like before you listen. Plus we should be proud of — and support — our hometown Atlanta talent (the symphony has a great reputation). Did you know that the ASO plays 200 shows a year?


AsianCajuns said...

I actually really love going to hear the ATL symphony. I haven't been in a while. I wish I could take my bf to see them play the original Star Wars score, but tickets are super expensive. Glad you had a chance to go!

Kb_Mal said...

Oooh! The original Star Wars score? If Dan had seen that on the upcoming schedule, he would have totally chosen that night. It was fun!

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

I love the ATL symphony I have been once with the hubby and planned to go soon again.

by the way I just stumbled on your blog , just wanted to say it is cool.