Friday, November 13, 2009

Audience Participation Friday: Inspiration

So about this Audience Participation Friday… I did a bad job of harassing friends to send in contributions. So I’m going to give you guys until next Thursday (November 19) to send in your fierce shoes – then we’ll have a heck-of-a-good post on Friday.

In the mean time, here are some fabulous shoes to drool over (all found on the blogosphere)...

From the fabulous and local Asian Cajuns:
Booties by Newport News (the girls say they're a few years old but I'd never know!)

Thigh-highs by Jeffrey Campbell (Lar wears 'em right)

From the style blog Fab Sugar:

Shoes by L.A.M.B.

And the always fantastic Love Maegan:

Velvet Angels wedge bootie (I'd love to have a pair of platform, closed-toe wedges like these)

And a seriously fierce runway shoe trend collage from

Yes, I know this is a spring/summer collage but I'm still in love. A girl can dream about purple leather platform sandals, right?

So, what's the fiercest pair of shoes in your closet? Send photos — and tell the story behind your shoes (why they're so fierce, where you found them, what feedback you get when you wear them, how you feel when you rock 'em out, etc.). Send your submissions in to by 10pm Thursday night (November 19).

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