Friday, November 6, 2009

Houndstooth Belt

It had been TOO long since I wore this houndstooth belt my stepmother gifted me with last year. It's so hard to decide what to wear it with. All black? A white top and black pants? No, that's too predictable and too soccer mom. A black top, black skirt and crimson-colored platform heels? Now that feels better!

This was also the first time I've worn this flowy/slightly rugged military-style DOTS skirt in maybe two years. If you have time, I really encourage you to swing into a DOTS to see what they have. I usually find a cute (and super cheap) skirt, dress or piece of costume jewelry.

Lightweight turtleneck: $15 at Target
Skirt: $18 at DOTS
Tights: $5 at Target
Belt: gifted (I know that's kind of cheating in a <$50 outfit post but oh well)
Shoes: gifted by Mb but by Nine West (I get so many compliments on these shoes that I need to get more ASAP — and I feel like they're really flattering on the legs)

Outfit total: $38

And no, I did not intend to look like an Alabama fan.

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