Thursday, November 5, 2009

Audience Participation Friday: Good Dates Under $25

I asked you all last week, "What's an idea for a fun date that's under $25?" Here's what you said:

From Anna:

"This date is technically $20 per person, but most of it goes to charity! Earlier this summer Alan and I ran a 5k in Alpharetta, GA. While waking up super early wasn't a lot of fun, we enjoyed the 3.1 mile run and crossing the finished line together. I think exercise dates are a lot of fun and a great way to spend more time together."

Anna and Alan enjoying their exercise date (God love them)

From co-worker Josh:

"Go to the store and pick up finger foods (cheese, crackers, veggie and dip) to load up your picnic basket.

Go to Public Park (make sure it is sunny) sit down in a nice area.

Nibble, people watch and enjoy each others’ company.


Maximum dollars spent is $20 (depending upon your taste in Cheese)."

From Maria:

"This is a FREE date to any of the following:

The High Museum of Art

Atlanta Botanical Gardens


ZOO Atlanta

Millennium Gate


Well free if you are a Bank of America customer and don’t mind a little pre-planning. My husband and I stumbled upon this little gem when we tried to pay for admission to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my BOA checkcard a few weeks ago. The woman at the ticket counter told me that since I had a BOA debit card I could actually get in free as we happened to there on the monthly BOA promotion day.  My husband also had his BOA debit card on hand and got in free as well.  Score!!  (and to think I almost opted to pay cash!)


Apparently, BOA has a promotion that gives BOA customers free admittance to cultural centers in cities across the country. The best part is that this does not consist of obscure days and times that you would never be able to go (like 2-4pm on Tuesdays). For example, the hours for the High Museum are Saturdays 10am-5pm. To see the full details for museums in your area check out:


This could also be worth checking out if you are traveling as you could score a free pass to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, or The Phillips Collection in DC.   


Even if you grabbed coffee, lunch or a glass of wine, you could still keep this date under $25."    

Update from Maria: Re-reading my submission I think there is one important thing I did not make clear. The BOA free museum days are the FIRST FULL WEEKEND OF EVERY MONTH. The hours tend to be SAT and SUN from 10-5. (This is what I was referring to when I mentioned "pre-planning")

And from Mb:

"One of the best dates or activities for under $25 is going paddle boating in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. My friends and I planned an out of town day trip to B'more. Gas fair split four ways, and another few dollars each to cover the cost of the paddle boat, made for the perfect cheap day trip. Throw in a stop to one of the many ice cream places along Inner Harbor and you easily have a date that runs you less than $25. Now if you stop at some of the fancy clothing stores or restaurants.....that's another story :)"

Mb's friends Bunting and C enjoy the paddle boats in Baltimore.

Mb and Kat also enjoy the adventure.

One of MY favorite dates is taking Roxxi to the dog park (preferably Piedmont Park) then driving around and looking at real estate. This is best enjoyed when you sleep in a little bit, swing by the Belly Store or Dunkin Donuts to grab coffee and a light breakfast. Roxxi enjoys playing with the other dogs — and we enjoy seeing what kinds of other breeds show up at the park (and watching their quirky owners). She's usually expired after an hour or less — and we may spend a few minutes walking jogging track with Roxxi on her leash (as she smiles, slobbers and walks slower by the moment). After dropping Roxxi off, it's fun to drive around both realistic and dream neighborhoods, eyeing what could end up being our home one day. We judge the exterior, trade words about what it would be like to live in each location and guess the price before pulling the flyer from the yard. This also gives us an opportunity to talk about where we see ourselves in a year or five years or longer. :)

Cute house we drove by in Downtown Decatur (just a few blocks from the square — and across the street from beautiful Agnes Scott College)

Tons of fun quality time, and maybe $10 or $15 including breakfast/coffee. 

Next week's Audience Participation Friday: what's the fiercest pair of shoes in your closet? Send photos!


Anonymous said...
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mew3333 said...

Re-reading my submission I think there is one important thing I did not make clear. The BOA free museum days are the FIRST FULL WEEKEND OF EVERY MONTH. The hours tend to be SAT and SUN from 10-5.(This is what I was referring to when I mentioned "pre-planning"

This being the first weekend of NOV means everyone could take advantage of this deal today or tomorrow. Just show your BOA card and a photo I'd at the ticket counter. Enjoy!!!