Friday, November 20, 2009

Audience Participation Friday - a.k.a. Fierce Shoe Friday

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me photos of their fierce shoes (or brought them into work for me to photograph) for Audience Participation Friday. I asked, "What's the most fierce pair of shoes you own?"

For some of these shoe obsesesed and foot fashion mavens, it was tough to pick just one pair.

A Life Fulfilled Atlanta's choices from her closet (why am I writing in third person?):

I do love these patent leather black Nine West heels I snagged at Ross. They're a good balance of feminine and edgy. (Sorry for not having a better picture of the shoes themselves!)

These are one of my faves for now. I picked up these bad babies (BCBG Girls "Dania") at the Junior League of Atlanta Belk shopping event. Their relatively conservative shape is offset by the purple and the suede look. Yum!

From Kat in D.C.:

"#1 - They are Steve Madden knockoffs of these fabulous Alexander McQueen booties. I bought them on preorder online and thank god I did because mcqueen is now suing and you can't find them! The best part is that the sides unsnap and you can zip up the shoe into a full ankle boot! They're insanely comfortable and everyone always comments on how great they are."

"#2 - I stumbled across these in the clearance section of DSW while waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory — and they just happened to be my size! One buckle was broken and now the second one is too, but it doesn't keep from wearing them anyway. At the time, they were my highest heels, topping out at 5 inches! One night we were out and I noticed a couple staring at me nonstop, and I started getting self-conscious. Finally they called me over to let me know they were just admiring my fabulous shoes!"

"#3 - THESE are now the highest heel in my closet. They are bebe knockoffs of the insanely expensive YSL tribute pump. They have been impossible to find in black so as soon as bebe restocked, I jumped on them. Thanks to their 2-inch platform they dont feel like 6 inches, but they def make me a giant! I added an additional photo for this one so that you can see how crazy the heel really is."

From Mb in D.C.:

"My manolos!! Big surprise that these are my faves. NOT. For a steal at $120 at the secondhand shop, Mercedes Bien [in Adams Morgan], I just couldn't say no. They get so much use whether at work or play. And the comfort is worth every penny. Even at retail value."

Maria of Atlanta (long-time friend and now colleague):

Maria's peep-toe Steven by Steve Madden pumps are the perfect shoe for jeans and a white tee, a black evening dress or anything in between.

Our colleague Scott tried to participate (let me reiterate the word "tried"):

Kathryn of Atlanta (colleague):

Kathryn brought in her Christian Louboutins today for "Fierce Shoe Friday." Holy moly. This is the closest I've ever been to the uuber sexy luxury French designer shoes. Hot stuff!
Christian Lacroix pumps with a killer holographic-looking dye job. Whoa.

AJ of Atlanta (colleague):

These BCBG Girls gladiator-style shoes have an extra level of ferociousness with the zipper up the back.

Thanks, ladies! I'm going to post a little poll about this post... who's feet are the most fierce?
I need to think about a theme for the next Audience Participation Friday. Any suggetions?


budget chic said...

I see all the ladies are on top of their shoe game. I lovin all of the "heel hotness". Nice to see folks representing in style. Great post and see a couple of shoes in you arsenal that I would like to have if you wear a size 7! ;-)

Kb_Mal said...

Miz Budget Chic, I'll let you know if any of these ladies want to part with any of these shoes. Unluckily or lucky for me, I wear an 8.5. :(

Fell 4 Fashion said...

oh my goodness, where do you work??? I need to come work with you all, these are such FABULOUS pumps!! I LOVE your nine west sandals!!

Kb_Mal said...

Ha, I work at a small/private company that does scientific testing and certification (I could explain more offline). But yes, the girls at work wear some serious shoes!