Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Project Stalled (Must Be a Sign)

Two blankets into my volunteer work (sewing baby blankets for Grady Hospital babies), my sewing machine broke. If this isn't annoying enough, I JUST got it serviced (I'm talking days ago) and I have to sew the hems on 33 blankets before February 8! I am brainstorming creative ways to get to the repair shop... which is only open from 9 to 5:30 and is located on the opposite side of town from my office. Ugh.

Anyway, since I was feeling crafty tonight, I'll pick up a little project I'd been putting off — putting new buttons on the Maggy London shirt dress I bought back in November at Last Chance (a local thrift store). 

Maggy London has been in the biz of making feminine and unique dresses for a few decades. A quick google search tells me the brand is still carried at the likes of Nordstrom — and there's a decent presence of ML dresses on resale sites like Etsy. Check out this Maggy London vintage secretary dress for sale on Etsy: 

S/M dress seen here for $22.

Oooh. And I love this funky/fem silk 80s one, too (also on Etsy). 

Size 12 Maggy London dress seen here for $48.

I think being able to wear my new-to-me Maggy London dress tomorrow is enough to make me forget about this sewing machine debacle for just a bit. 

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