Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Designer Jeans (with tags!) Spotted at Northlake Goodwill

Wear size 26, 27 or 28 jeans? Have a penchant for designer jeans but too broke to support your habit?

Run as fast as you can to the Northlake Goodwill (LaVista Road in Tucker - near 285). I found a whole rack of designer jeans yesterday... with. the. tags. still. on! It looks as though a high-end boutique went out of business and had to liquidate its inventory.

Many of the pairs were Adriano Goldschmied. These retail for $165-plus at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Twenty-five bucks is a killer deal!

Sorry for the bad iPhone photo.

Premium denim at the Good-Willy for $25 (front of the store).

Too bad the vintage Halston blouse I found was a size 10 and smelled like a carton of Virginia Slims. Booo!

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