Thursday, October 14, 2010

You May Be Thinking It... But I'm Going to Go Ahead and Say It

When I go Christmas shopping, I can't help but start making a little wish list of my own. Here are some things currently on my radar.


I would loooove to have a Gorillapod. It's a flexible, malleable tripod. As in you-can-wrap-it-around-a-tree-branch flexible. How cool is that? And the price is right at $18 - $25 bucks.

Grey slouch boots

Digging these gray Steve Madden slouch boots (about $50). Gray is such a good neutral. Can't you just picture these with black leggings and a long sweater? Maybe even a lightweight, colorful scarf? Love. (I already ordered some in brown suede but would also love a grey pair to replace a pair of expensive ones I totally wore out. Am I bad?) My last pair was "faux suede" and lasted a long time, so I wouldn't be afraid to do manmade again.

Sturdy, leather bag that matches almost anything

This Tignanello Hobo (leather) is pretty budget friendly at $89 (via

Coach has some fabulous bags. This is the "Kristen Leather Hobo Bag." The price is so over what I would spend on a bag that I can't even talk about it. But I do love the shape, the size and the color.

Kindle light

Love me the Kindle the hubs got me two years ago. Unfortunately, though, the mini maglite I've been using to light it after he goes to sleep finally kicked the bucket on me. This one is by Belkin (via for $21.

Military-inspired jacket or blazer

I'm digging this one from OakNYC (out of my usual price range at $152 but it's really feminine, playful and rugged all at once. Would love to find one like this at a better price point).

This one is by Ambition and is $60 on What I like about this one is that it could go easily with jeans, pleated shorts or slacks (and be work approp.).

A yummy fragrance

A girl sitting next to me at the movie theater was wearing this. After the movie, I HAD to ask her what she was wearing. Whether I seemed crazy or not, at least now I know the name of this fab scent. Amazing Grace by Philosophy. $40 for 2 ounces.

Tennis Shoes

These Reebok Rematch shoes are cute, and they happen to be on sale for $49 on the Tennis-Warehouse site. Hell, I've been playing tennis in generic athletic shoes for the past few months, so I wouldn't be picky about the brand.

Trash Can

Odd thing to have on my wish list, right? We have a cheap, blue Rubbermaid tall kitchen trash can and I can't wait for it to become trash itself. Loving this iTouchless 13-gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can (via for $59.99)

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AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

Isn't it horrible that Christmas shopping puts you in the mood to just shop for yourself?! I try to be good, but I usually end up spending quite a bit on myself, which totally defeats the purpose of a season of giving.