Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take Two: Zenni Optical Shades

After my eyeglasses faux pas a few weeks ago, I decided to try again to order my prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical. (Find the Zenni Optical Web site here).

While I'm happy with the tinted shades, I have to admit I kind of like the untinted glasses better. Overall though, for $20, I'm a happy (and no-longer-squinting-in-the-sunlight) girl. Plus, the not totally opaque amber lenses feel vintagey to me.

(As a reminder, here are the same frames, sans tinted lenses).


Jessica said...

I think the second photo of you (non-tinted lenses) is absolutely adorable!

Kb_Mal said...

Ha - thanks, Jess! Hope you're well! We need to try and do lunch again!