Friday, October 29, 2010

Audience Participation Friday: Black and White

It's time to publish you gals' outfits for Audience Participation Friday!


Digging Kate's slouch boots, argyle skirt and black top. Perf for fall, and for being comfortable and cute at work. (Kate, hope you enjoyed Nebraska!)

Here Erica is doing her best to put on her shoe after a fun night out. Love the houndstooth mini-shorts, black tights and simple black tank. The black rose in the hair is a nice touch!

"So as you know, I have to wear suits to work. I have black suits and could have gone with a boring black suit & white top. But since it's been atypically warm I decided to sport my favorite black and white dress, topped off with a black blazer for the office. The dress is by Donna Rico. I got it at Lord and Taylor on sale and it arguably has the best cost-per-wear ratio of anything in my closer. I've worn it to a wedding, graduation, work, and play. I'll probably be donning it again for my Godson's Christening in the spring if I don't find anything else. As for the blazer, it was part of a suit I purchased at Filene's Basement. It's been reworked into many outfits where a blazer is necessary. I think I've coupled it with almost every skirt in my closet at some point or another." - Mb

(I continue to be amazed at how Miz Mb keeps her business profesh look interesting and true to her fun and funky personality. And yes! A black blazer is a closet-must!)


Goodwill tee ($3), Express pencil skirt ($35ish), elastic belt from Mercedes Bien in D.C. ($18ish). Hand-me-down shoes from Miz Mb. This photo kind of makes me miss my hair short... I'm so torn!

I pulled out a few oldies. Needless to say, black and white are staples in my wardrobe (though I have more black than white... too clumsy for white).

Button up from Last Chance (Decatur) - $4, same elastic belt as above, Old Navy rayon dress from Goodwill ($5), green faux crocodile loafers were $14ish at Ross Dress for Less.

Thanks for your participation, ladies!

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Budget Chic said...

I love the b/w dress from Donna Ricco will have to search on that one on Ebay and of course pencil skirts are my passion so I love that look on you!