Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Safari

Yesterday I mentioned that I picked up a sweet (and brand spankin' new!) men's GAP button-up in olive green.

I didn't put together the outfit in time for What I Wore's reader challenge post — but here's my attempt at a Safari-Chic:

Can't wait to get a nicer camera!

  • Green, two-pocket Safari-style men's shirt (GAP via Goodwill - new - $5)
  • Cream-colored cotton tank (Old Navy - $6)
  • Off-white linen pants (Banana Republic via eBay - new - $12)
  • Twigs necklace (gift from my girl Megan)
  • The budget buster: Diba shoes ($58)... also seen here

The necklace:

I thought this necklace would be perfect for this outfit. It feels very African-inspired. While I call it a twig or pretzel stick necklace, it's actually some kind of very tough fiberglass-like material. 

Speaking of What I Wore's Safari challenge, I am so excited to be introduced to Seven Dollar Pants, a blog led by a dynamic Toronto duo. Christine (below) was the fave outfit of the What I Wore challenge. She called this outfit her "Zookeeper" look. I can tell these gals are going to be very inspiring! They're thrifty, creative and stylish: three of my favorite things.

-- Katy 


Mb said...

I like the loose and comfy shape of the blouse. I bet it will go nice with a pair of shorts for a casual summer weekend.

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks, Chica. It's so comfy and not hot because the shirt is roomy and breezy.

Seven Dollar Pants said...

OMG thanks so much. So excited to see this! I see you are on the hunt for a new camera? Eventually us too but right now we both use 10 megapixles quick shot Canons. I downloaded Picasa off Google and it helps a lot when cropping pics. They also have an option called "I'm feeling lucky" and it can make your pics look ultra glossy and professional.
With love from Toronto!

Kb_Mal said...

Thanks for the camera tip, Seven Dollar Pants. I am hopin, wishin and prayin for a new camera this Christmas. Maybe the hubs will read your comment. :0

Love your blog, gals!

budget chic said...

Love this look on you. Safari chic and perfect for this exhaustingly hot weather. The necklace is uber cute!