Friday, June 4, 2010

I Asked... and You Sent Me... Summer Shoes! (Audience Participation Friday)

Warning! You are leaving the typical <$50 zone! Earlier this week, I asked you all to send me pictures of your favorite new and/or summer shoes for Audience Participation Friday. And you sent me some great ones!

Here's what you gals wanted to share:

From Megan (Atlanta):

"These are ninewest. Purchased at some point in spring 2008 from tj maxx. I think I paid 25 for them and that was worththe investment by the end of the season. What you say these shoes look familiar? You may have seen them at your wedding they looked fab with your warm fall colors. Warning: they do not do well on flower petal covered decks. I almost fell walking down the aisle at your wedding more than once! Hahaha! Seriously they are a great pair of heels that are very wearable." - Megan

From Mb in D.C.:

"I was drawn to the sandals for their low price and comfortable appearance. I was nervous they'd look a little granny-ish, but once I put them on I knew I wouldn't leave the store without them. Not only are they the most comfortable heel seriously, EVER!...they have a simple, clean, Euro-vacay-resort look. A basic summer shoe that will go with almost anything in my closet...or suit case, seeing as how I bought them with an intent to travel." - Mb (Italian Shoemaker wedge found at DSW for $39)

From Lauren in Columbus, Georgia:

This pair of shoes is from the brand Restricted, it is a mint snake texture in a coral color. $50.00 from a local shop in Columbus, Georgia called Pursona. - Lauren

From Julia in Detroit, Michigan (excitement kept Julia from submitting just one photo):

"The first is a picture of my favorite summer shoes-my Manolo

Blahniks!! [Boyfriend] Patrick surprised me on my 27th birthday with a gift card

to Neiman Marcus. He said that I had to buy myself a pair of Manolos.

He remembered me talking about how every woman should have a pair and

the rest is birthday history. The greatest part of the gift was that

he sat with me while I tried on dozens of pairs to find the right one.

I love that they are nude so I can wear them with any fancy summer

outfit. I love them the most because Patrick understood, acknowledged

and indulged a huge vice of mine." - Julia

"This is of all my summer strappies that I get to strut around

in on a daily basis. I have a few more but that would have been silly

to pull them all out :)" - Julia

"Here's [my cat] Slinky's stilettos. She gets to strut
around in fabulous black heels no matter what the season. All the
kitties are jealous."
- Julia

From my colleague Elizabeth (Atlanta):

Casual yet edgy summer sandals by Jessica Simpson ($59). Style is Ninja.

Elizabeth hasn't actually bought these yet... but she's promised me she has to. Angel platforms by Franco Sarto ($89).

From my former colleague Kathryn, who has some fierce shoes (Atlanta):

Fresh from the LA Neiman Marcus (the only Neiman to get this particular style in), these Christian Louboutin prive pumps are magical. (Here's a post by The Accessory Junkie about this particular pair of shoes).

And 'lil ole me, ALifeFulfilled... (Atlanta):

Here are the new ones I showed a sneak peak of on Monday. I am excited about the caramel color, the platformness (new adjective) and how they make my feet look especially feminine.

Sandals are Diba — found them at the cutest little shoes/clothes/jewelry/decor store in Panama City when I was there this past weekend. I can't decide if I should be mad at or grateful to my sister-in-law for introducing me to this place. ($58 on sale from $76) I like the shoes a lot and may have to explore getting more from this company. Lauren (a shoe collector I respect very much) tells me she has some Diba sandals she loves.

Don't they a little bit remind you of the (sold-out) Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges ($29.99) I've been lusting over? Would you believe they're selling on eBay for upwards of $120?


Mb said...

Julia! I really hope Michigan is appreciating those nude Manolos as much as I am right now!! I want!!!

high five to the boyfriend.

Arlyn said...

OMG OMG OMG do you HONESTLY own the Prive Louboutins???????? I may just faint and die! FAB! (an thanks for including a link to my blog!)

Kb_Mal said...

Arlyn, my friend and former colleague Kathryn is the proud mama of those shoes. To freaking die for!

Happy to link!

hiking in stilettos said...

Love your sandals, Kb! I searched high and low for the CV ones, only to find that that particular style wasn't even made in my size. Total fail.

I forgot to enter, but my favorite summer sandals are the SM wedges I just posted about the other day!

Kb_Mal said...

Hiking in Stilettos - I love your new SMs. I was admiring them the other day!

Seven Dollar Pants said...

Great find. Those are beautiful!