Thursday, August 13, 2009

Errand Running

Athletic shorts and t-shirts are my usual errand-running attire. Not today, my friend. 

I decided to pull an old favorite out of my closet. I suppose I could call today a "special occasion" for errand running, as I'm going to stop by the newly-opened Yogurt Tap on Church Street in Decatur (thanks for letting us know it's open, Decatur Metro!). I just love this this funky, mustard-colored dress.

The sleeves in this vintage dress are a tad big snug, but I'm not fretting — Yogurt Tap has delicous fro-yo with a mere 90 calories per serving. Watch out, self-serve yogurt machines!

  • Dress is Peggy Barker (vintage via Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points) - maybe $25
  • Guess cowboy boots (via eBay) - $30
  • D & Y (??) hat - gifted to me by Kate (I think I've worn this hat every other day since she gave it to me a week and a half ago)
Stay tuned for a Yogurt Tap post!

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