Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution: Declutter Clothes and Accessories

When's a better time to declutter your closet and drawers than at the beginning of a new year? 

I spent an hour and a half today going through each drawer in my dressers and each section of my closet. I asked myself if I've worn or used certain items in the past year. I was amazed to realize I was holding onto so many articles of clothing I hadn't touched in years.

The outcome was two large trash bags at their max capacities. These extra clothes, purses, shoes and accessories will be more loved by someone else — and can help create positive change in my community. I don't mind the free space I created either. I also started a plastic crate of my very favorite clothes that I would like to keep for my children and grandchildren. My grandmother did this and boy did I think that was cool. These are all items that are in good shape but either don't fit any longer or are long out of style.

While I do donate some items to the Junior League of Atlanta's Nearly New store off Howell Mill because I'm an active member, I am also partial to Goodwill. 

The Junior League's store proceeds go to the organization. "Women Transforming Communities" is the club's tag line; the League's donations and volunteer hours help many organizations around town ranging from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the Genesis Shelter (for homeless woman with infants) to the Atlanta Speech School (started by Junior Leaguers) and the Chastain Park Therapeutic Riding Program. Nearly New is primarily staffed by Junior League volunteers (like me!). Click here for a list of 2008-2009 community partners.

Goodwill's focus is creating work for those who might otherwise be unemployed or without mental and physical exercise. Goodwill has plenty of employees working the shops' floors that are not mentally, financially or physically disadvantaged but many of the employees are. My mother worked for one of the Goodwill regional offices and told me how the clothes are organized by color instead of by size because color is much easier for some employees to understand and organize by. 

Donations (monetary or in clothing, furniture, shoes, etc.) to either organization are tax deductible. Both Goodwill and the Nearly New store accept men's and women's clothes. Visit Goodwill of North Georgia's site to learn more or to locate a store and/or donation center near you. Click here to see directions and information about the Junior League's Nearly New store. Go here to learn more about the Junior League in general.

And here's a great blog called "Declutter It" I found about decluttering. 

Happy New Year! And happy decluttering.

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