Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2,051 Giraffe Purses

Dan and I went with my father and stepmother to Raleigh's Fairgrounds Market. We perused all kinds of cool antique furniture, memorabilia, estate jewelry, foods, baseball cards, fruit and more. Of course, because it was a flea market, there was a good bit of crap there, too.

Also, I seemed to see a lot of this damn purse or ones like it (maybe six people carrying it and two or three vendors selling it). Do you have this purse? What is the deal with this "giraffe print inspired" bag? 

Apparently it's popular. My eBay search yielded 2,051 "giraffe purses" on sale at this very moment.


Mb said...

OMG thank you, I've been wondering this too. I did a search for "bucket purse" on Amazon, cause I like the style, and this is what they recommended. I did the purse but not the print. It's all about the pony, c'mon now.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Pony: hell yes.

But about this giraffe. Can you say OVERSATURATING THE MARKET?

moeko said...

yes! they are everywhere. i think every kiosk in the mall has them! i believe dooney and bourke started it all (i could be mistaken but the first one i saw was of this brand) and then others knocked it off!

mew3333 said...

Moeko is right. This is a Dooney and Burke knock-off. The zebra print version is pretty popular as well.

As a self proclaimed expert on both purses and animal prints, (do you know anyone else more qualified for this title?) I would like to make the official ruling that this is one UGLY handbag.

Katy Beck said...

It's bad, bad news, man