Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Dinner

If you're coupled, you're likely looking for Valentine's Day dinner options. Since it's more fun to taste from a restaurant's standard menu (especially a restaurant you haven't been to before), we're going to head out for "Valentine's Day" on Friday, February 13. Dan has made some reservations — where to? I have no idea.

While browsing for a good steak suggestion for Dan's out-of-town coworkers, I found myself looking around Kevin Rathbun's three places (Rathbun's, Kevin Rathbun Steak and Krog Bar). Rathbun's has its sample Valentine's Day menu posted — and I have to say — the $85 four-course, prix fix price isn't bad for Valentine's Day (or for Rathbun's) and the menu feels pretty robust. 

The one time we ate at Rathbun's, it was heaven. Mmmm. If you end up there on V-day, enjoy!


Chiara said...
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Chiara said...

I think that you are speaking of the day formerly known as Valentine's Day. It has been officially renamed Chiara's Birthday and should be reflected accordingly! LOL I am glad that you are helping the men of the world out on their Chiara's Birthday plans. Everyone should be celebrating! I will be drunk and partying with my girls... hehehe

Katy Beck said...

I hope your birthday is tons of fun. Because I will not be celebrating V-day on Saturday, it's even more reason for me to be thinking of you, Miss C! Enjoy!

Kate said...

oh man that menus sounds amazing. it's making me hungry!!