Monday, December 29, 2008

Lunch Tote Christmas Gift

Now that I've gifted this, I can blog about it!

One of my favorite Christmas gifts I gifted this year was a cute little lunch tote bag. It's insulated, big enough to throw a few tupperware containers and a drink in — and comes in a few fun patterns. 

In addition to functionality, the tote is a fabulous gift for its price and its cause. The $9.95 price per bag includes shipping — and a whopping half of the price goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. How awesome is that?

This is probably bordering on ridiculous, but I'll say it anyway. You could also talk yourself into this being a "green gift" since your recipient won't have to throw away grocery bags or paper sacks each day.

Three totes pictured above are from the Lean Cuisine web site
I must admit that pink one is rather dreadful-looking.


Mb said...

i really like this gift. i'm in need of a lunchbox myself. will be checking this out.

moeko said...

i brought my lunch in my new bag today!! so exciting!