Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SEC Gameday Wear

Us University of Georgia girls take our college football attire very seriously.

Jeans a t-shirts on girls at Georgia games? No way!

The XX chromosomed fans find fun ways to don the team colors. I love to see how the girls get creative; you see paisleys, stripes, patterned sashes, houndstooth accessories, polka dots, you name it. Your imagination can run wild as long as you stick with black, red and white.

(To be fair, college football fans in the SEC all take their attire very seriously).

My gameday gear:

  • Black dress (no one I'd heard of) picked up at Brentwood, TN, for $7
  • Art-deco-ish stretchy belt - $20 (via Athens, GA, Salvation Army like 8 years ago)
  • Mom's bulldawg pin (circa early to mid 1970s) - gratis
  • Laredo brand snakeskin roper boots (via Decatur Last Chance) - $25 (found 'em brand new with tags)
  • Ruffled red bag with monogrammed initials - gifted by stepmother a few years back (features my maiden name initials - KAB)
  • Crazy feathered koozie - gifted (much girlier than I would have picked out for myself, but fun)

A few outfits I dug on Saturday:

A few more photos from the game:

Husband, brother (who is a junior and cheers for UGA).

Husband, father.

Now if our football team could just get its act together... Regardless of the game outcome, going to an SEC game is something you must put on your bucket list. The fans are out of this world. You've never seen a campus so covered in fans, tailgates and general excitement — it's a fun time.

How do you do game day wear?


AsianCajuns (Lar) said...

You look awesome, Katy!!! I just learned last year about how much UGA women dress up for games. If I had known that in college I probably would have seen a whole lot more sports (I don't a jersey and don't ever plan to).

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Thanks, Lar! No jerseys on girls at UGA games - that's for sure! :)