Sunday, September 12, 2010

Glamourai Inspired Sleeveless Coat

I've had a blog crush on The Glamourai since my friend Mb recommended her blog to me two months ago. She's glamorous (duh!), edgy and on-trend while still beating to her own drum beat.

When I saw her rock a neutral/light sleeveless trench over a dress, I thought, "Hey, I bet I could do that, and for relatively cheap."

The Glamourai (Kelly Frammel).
See more photos from her sleeveless trench coat post here.

So I set out to find a trench that I could have the sleeves cut off of. Like Kelly's, I wanted it to be neutral and simple. I visited Atlanta's Last Chance (Decatur location) and the Tucker, Dunwoody and Buford Highway Goodwills before I found something I thought would work.

Enter the $4 tweed 3/4 sleeve coat. While it had a simple neckline versus the trench look I was hoping, the fabric did have the versatility and neutrality I was looking for.

It was also important that I find a neutral dress. The thought of wearing pants with a sleeveless coat felt very 1990s power suit to me — or Hilary Clinton campaigning in the summertime. I got lucky and found a khaki linen-ish dress at Ross on clearance for $8.

This outfit:
  • Coat (no label): $4 plus $10 alterations (to remove sleeves) — via Dunwoody, Georgia, Goodwill
  • Dress: $8 (no one noteworthy) plus $4 to have the sleeves removed — via Dunwoody Ross Dress for Less
  • Shoes: Steve Madden nude leather heels $4 — via Dunwoody Goodwill
  • Necklace: $12 from Decatur antique vintage mega awesome store Kudzu (it's rose quartz, wood and faux gold)
  • Ring: $10 (quartz and copper) — from Art Walk (walking street vendor market) in Santa Barbara, California
  • Total: $52 (so freaking close to $50 or less)

Also, take a good hard look at my straight hair — since it takes a while to straighten, I don't do it often. :)


Mego said...

you are so cool.

Kb_Mal said...

no, I'm pretty sure I'm a dork

Anonymous said...

love the look - you look awesome! and thanks for adding another fashionista to my blogs to stalk!