Monday, March 22, 2010

Winter Clothes Wearing Comes to an End

Wearing my black shorts and tights one last time. (And yes, we do have astro turf on our back porch - yikes!)

Kiss your cold weather clothes goodbye until October!

Considering its nearly April and I live in Georgia, I figure I won't have many more opportunities to don sweaters, tights, lined pants or heavy jackets.

The birthday celebration for Maria and Kyle at Tap this weekend was a perfect opportunity wear my "winter shorts" one last time.
  • Cowl neck sweater - Gap (gift from parentals)
  • Cuffed shorts - H&M ($25)
  • Black platform pumps with patent tips - Nine West via Ross ($25)
  • Patterned tights - Intimissimi (10 euros) (tights also seen here)


Greg Cordell said...

You say "yikes" to the astroturf, but you (and Dan!) should be saying "Yay!" to your new indoor putting green...

Kb_Mal said...

Good call, Greg! We can set up a little golf putting green AND maybe even bags (i.e., cornhole). :)

The Orkins said...

Wishing for your winter clothes and lined jackets today? I transitioned my closet last week - had to wear a suit to work today because I have nothing else with long sleeves left in my closet.