Thursday, April 2, 2009

More from the Goodwill Jackpot Visit

Okay, so I didn't live up to my Goodwill Jackpot blog post from two weeks ago. I need to get several of the items dry cleaned before I wear them — and I'd like to get one piece back from the alterations shop before I make the one big dry cleaning run. The vintage wool, plaid shrug with green lining will look so much sharper once the seams are cleaned up. Can't wait to wear that one — though I better do it quick because it will be too warm for the piece soon.

But I did get a chance to launder the little black dress from Old Navy ($3.00) that I picked up during that Goodwill visit. The dress has a relatively classic cut and is made from that lightweight lycra blend material that wears well for years. Today I paired it with a Target top I found on clearance back in November.

For feeling a little under the weather this morning (sore throat, headache), this was an easy and quick (read: no-iron) outfit to put on.

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Mb said...

very cute. i like it with the top.