Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wrap Dress: Awesome in Theory (In Practice... Not So Much)

The scene is set

The tutorial begins

Does this look cute to you?
(Yeah, not really to me either)

Laura tries her hand at a Kariza style

Yep, questionable fashion

The most decent-looking style of the afternoon, 
as invented by Laura (not by the style guide)

Laura models her invention

The creative duo

The end.

So, it turns out my colleague Laura has the same (or almost the same) wrap-type dress I picked up from eBay in February. She, too, had little idea how to maneuver this wacky mass of layered fabric. When we discovered this last week, we conspired to try them out together. We thought, "maybe the Kariza magic wrap instructional DVD will show us all we need to know!"

We set up my laptop in an open space, grabbed a glass of wine each and popped in the DVD. Ladies, get your frocks ready. We were in for a show. A lovely Indian woman, on 79 individual DVD chapters, demonstrated the potential ways to wear this thing. 

To spare you all the details, we were both a little unimpressed with the choices. Most of the looks made even the super-cute, thin model in the DVD look frump-tastic. And I honestly struggle to call many of these looks "looks" because they wouldn't pass on the street as dresses/skirts/tops/whatever. I mean, just draping the piece of fabric over one of your shoulders shouldn't be considered a viable option...

  • It's a good thing neither of us paid much money for this thing (Laura's came from Plato's Closet)
  • The wrap dress should have come with instructions to make curtains from it, as that's probably the most practical way to use it
  • Having a fun and fearless coworker try out new "fashion" (if you can call it that) is a great time no matter what the outcome
  • Megan, you're going to owe me big


Anonymous said...

Boo! I'm so sorry it didn't work out - could it've been the wine consumption? I'm just kidding!

I must say, I did like Laura's look a lot - I think that look alone would warrant keeping the dress.

Off topic - did you make it to the Inman Park festival this past weekend?

Katy Beck said...

I know, I know! It's a good story though!

Laura's green was definitely better than my grab bag of acrylic patterned blends.

We had plans all weekend but I heard the Inman Park festival was awesome. And we were out of town last weekend for the Dogwood Festival. We suck at being Atlantans this spring! How was the IPF?

Mb said...

I must applaud you on the documentation. That, in and of itself, was highly entertaining and worth the purchase. To be honest, SuziQ and Spoogy only rock one version of the dress and it's mostly over bathingsuits.

Happygoth said...

Oh, god... it looks even worse in retrospect. I am so wearing the style we invented, though; it was actually kind of cute...

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Mb - we tried our best. With "tried" being the key word.

Laura, your invented style was the jam. I'll be wearing it soon (perhaps to brunch with my friend on Sunday).

Mego said...

how did i just see this. I LOVE IT!

Mego said...

and also the last picture makes me think of your outfit at your party in PCB

Katy Beck said...

You LOVE it, Megan? LOVE IT? I think that's a strong word for an ugly outfit.

Miss jane said...
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