Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodwill Jackpot

Purple knit cap (taken Saturday, 
covering up my 80's fro)

Can't decide if this is ugly or cute or so ugly it's cute — 
but I love it (Luella Bartley for Target via Goodwill)

One of my closest friends (love you, Miz Mb) visited from Washington, DC this past weekend. One of her requests was hitting up some thrift stores, as there aren't many near her in her native habitat.

So, after sleeping in a bit on Saturday, we ventured out into metro Atlanta. The hunt was on for fun and funky, thrifty finds. I recommended scoping out the Goodwill at Northlake, as it's one of the newer, cleaner of the Goodwills near our house. And boy did our choice pay off!

We scoured the racks for pieces ranging from the eclectic and vintage to modern or conservative. My visiting friend found a fantastic black, cobalt blue and pinkish/purple funky button-up with a little tie that goes around (or behind) the neck. Cute find to pair with a skirt or a pair of jeans.

I hit the mega millions jackpot. Or at least that's my opinion. For a meager $39.92, I picked up two fab blazers, three t-shirts, some kick-as* sunglasses, a vintage Pierre Cardin silk dress, a lavender knit cap, a simple black dress from Old Navy and an amazing plaid/wool/lined shrug. Mb was the perfect shopping partner, as she handed me things she liked but didn't work out for her.

I'm going to try and wear some of my new pieces to work this week. Today it's a Luella Bartley for Target striped blazer — for like $4.39! Saturday may have been one of the greatest days in my life (fantastic thrift finds + our 80's party = awesome).


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to comment on your Goodwill fashion post for days now - love it! And thanks for the rec on the Northlake GW. The one closest to me is on South Cobb but I still haven't made it over there yet either. Love your finds (and def keep the blazer - way cute). Happy shopping :)

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Glad you enjoyed, PLT. I'm looking forward to rolling out some new looks.

I also did a post a few months ago about consignment shops all around Atlanta. Give it a look! And definitely hit up all your local Goodwills!


Mb said...

The number 1 reason I visit ATL is to see K. The number 2 reason I visit ATL is to visit Good Will.