Friday, April 2, 2010

Follow Friday - New Dress a Day

Marisa from "New Dress A Day" started with this blah tuxedo blouse...

And turned blah to fab with a little blue and black Rit dye. (see the post here)

And here she turned a dreary formal dress...

Into something worthy of the Emmys' red carpet. (see the nipping and tucking details here.)

How can you find new life in a periwinkle 80s dress? (I think I saw this one on Will Ferrel ala Janet Reno on SNL)

By changing it into a fashion-forward, asymmetrically hemmed top, of course! (post here)

About a month ago, I posted about the awesomeness that is New Dress A Day.

Have you been following Marisa and her transformationalist blog? She's committed to only spending $365 this year on clothing. On top of being amazingly economical, she's showing the world how one can take a $1 too-big or lackluster thrift store find and turn it into something "wow"-worthy. Her tricks include dying, taking in, embellishing with lace (or sequins!) and hemming. And did I mention that she includes hilarious commentary in every post?

See above for a few recent transformations. I think I have a girl crush!

I, for one, can't wait to pick my sewing machine up from the repair shop so I can try my hand at a New Dress A Day-style makeover on a Goodwill treasure!


hiking in stilettos said...

I am completely useless when it comes to "remaking" things. About all I can do is dye clothes & sew buttons, but forget about real sewing. These are such great new pieces!

iamronel said...

oh i like the way you dress up..its awesome :) nice blog btw