Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fashionable (and Affordable!) Cold Weather Accessory

When my wonderful girlfriend Kate came over for dinner Tuesday night, she had on the chocolate brown pashmina I gifted her with earlier this month. The lightweight cashmere/wool blend scarf was part of my thank you to her for serving as one of my bridesmaids.

 Knowing I couldn't possibly (and shouldn't) pick one color for all eight girls, I chose different solid colors and patterns that I felt complemented their personalities. Because a lot of Kate's wardrobe is natural or neutral colors, I thought the brown would be perfect. So, I was pleased to see her wearing it the other night.

 What is my point? I was reminded to post something about the eBay vendor I used for the scarves. The seller's user ID is epashion — and he/she currently has just over 500 scarves up for bidding. They're very reasonably priced, not to mention there's a great variety of colors and patterns available. I highly recommend these for birthday, Christmas, whatever gifts — and keep in mind that shipping is less when you combine items. Stock up for yourself or friends!

Link to eBay here. Search sellers for "epashion."

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