Sunday, October 19, 2008

Facial Bargain

After nine days honeymooning in Europe with no washcloth to use to exfoliate my face (we were only provided with bath towels at our lodging locations), my complexion has not fared well. I should also admit that an Italian diet of gelato, meat, pasta, bread and oils likely didn't help either.

So not long after our arrival back in the states at 2am today, I decided a facial was in order. I've only had two in my life, the last being about three weeks before Dan and I tied the knot. Remembering that a popular little Indian-run salon I frequent for eyebrow threading had affordable facials, I called up Natural Identity in Decatur. They had an opening for 4:30.

I enjoyed one hour's worth of facial, arm and chest massage as well as your typical masks, steaming, extractions, toners and moisturizers (not necessarily in that order). My technician used most all the same tools and creams one finds at a fancy spa, though this experience was sans the pushy product selling, cushy facility and robe (I think the pared-down room and wrap-around towel did the job just fine though). 

Some people get facials for the relaxation element. To me, that's part of it but only a small piece. I'd rather feel that my skin is clean and free of gunk in my pores.  Don't get me wrong though, my technician used great massage techniques and gave solid skin advice—the atmosphere just wasn't that of a Spa Sydell or Natural Beauty. I felt better about the clean pores aspect following my Natural Identity experience than I did with my posh $120* Intercontinental Hotel Spa experience from just six weeks earlier—this time for a banging $40.

While I was in the shop, I had my eyebrows threaded ($4) and didn't miss the expensive valet parking of the Intercontinental ($15). 

Natural Identity Beauty Architects
1707 Church Street #C3
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 292-6230

*Note: I wouldn't have usually gone for this expensive pampering. I happened to have a $120 Intercontinental gift certificate given to me over a year ago. 

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