Monday, May 10, 2010


It's been three months (shameful, I know!) since I last cut and colored my hair. I decided to grow it back out (Love... Maegan continues to be a hair inspiration).

Photo from LoveMaegan's hair styling "how to" section. I look forward to my hair being this long again.

Mary at Verrilli Hair Studio set me up with some lighter/warmer highlights to pair with our warmer Atlanta spring weather. I have a few lighter pieces toward the front that remind me of the natural sunstreaks I got as a kid when I lived at the pool. 

Leaving the salon for the first time in a while is so refreshing. Plus, I love going to get my hair cut and colored during the work week so I can wear it straight to work for a day or two. Fingers crossed for limited rain tomorrow!

I've been going to see Mary for about a year and a half — ever since I found her ad on Craig's List. She knows my personality, my occupation and my styling routine (little to none) — and she does a fabulous job of suggesting cuts and highlight colors that work with my tastes and my lifestyle. She listens to what I want but also speaks up when she disagrees with some of my wackier ideas. (For example, I recently said I want to go all RED — and she highly recommended I not do it because it's tough to go back to blonde from red. Instead we settled on some oh-so-subtle strawberry highlights.)

So I'm excited to announce that Verrilli Hair Studio is now a sponsor of this blog. Mary has several regular clients who are either friends of mine or who read about her on my blog — so she is now giving me a generous discount. I've recommended her to others because she does a great job, but I can't say I mind the discount. Also, note that full-priced highlights, a cut, blow dry and style with Mary is $120 (still incredibly reasonable!).

Teeny hints of strawberry blonde.

Verrilli Hair Studio

1151 Hammond Drive NE , Suite 200, Studio 126 
DunwoodyGA 30346
Phone:(770) 361-3557


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looks awesome!! I think your hair was up last time I saw you. I need to see it styled and in person!