Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quick Review: Flip Burger Boutique

So we FINALLY hit up Flip Burger Boutique (1587 Howell Mill Road Northwest; Atlanta, GA). For you non-Atlantans, Flip is the brain child of Top Chef Season 4 runner-up Richard Blais. Flip just expanded from Atlanta with a new space in Birmingham, Alabama.

It was a last minute thing. I had been out-of-town 'til late for a baby shower. You know, it one of those nights where you're too tired to even pop a Kroger thin crust pizza in the oven.

We arrived at Flip around 9:30. We knew they didn't take reservations — but thought (incorrectly) that we would be safe. The estimated wait time: 40 minutes. We took a seat at the bar. I was in the mood for something fru-fru, so I opted for their peach iced tea, which is made with that ridiculously addictive Firefly Iced Tea Vodka. For Dan: a beer (Sierra Nevada maybe?).

Over the bustling late-dinner crowd, I yold (that's a combo of "yell" and "told") Dan that I'd heard the restaurant a little of a club vibe — but I hadn't expected music and interior reminiscent of the new Tongue and Groove. I did dig the chick, modern space with its cool booths bolted to the ceiling — and the sexiness of dim lighting, lots of black and white and lacquer. I was amazed that the dining room continued to bump and bounce with energy well into our wait.

Lucky for us, a spot at the bar opened up. Score! We were able to skip the rest of the wait and dive right into dinner. I'd heard good things about the tempura fried rutabaga with a sweet and sour sauce (and some red pepper flakes for spice), so we definitely ordered that. We also ordered a side of the panko and parmesan zucchini fries that came with a side of spiced mayo. (Note: the burgers don't come with sides.) We found the sides to be savory with the right amount of crunch on the outside and the ideal amount of vegetabley goodness inside. I could have gone for a little less batter on the rutabaga — and maybe something a little less heavy than mayo as the zucchini's accouterment.

When I dreamed of my entree order weeks before, I visualized ordering the lamb burger. Nope. Not on the menu this particular night. Runner up: the po' boyger, a fried patty of shrimp, lemon, mayo and tasty cajun flavors. I was this close to ordering the gyro burger since I had lamb on the mind. Dan had his eyes set on the butcher cut (caramelized onion, bleu cheese, red wine jam) cooked medium rare. If I remember correctly, our burgers were each under $8.

Dan and I always order different entrees so we can taste one anothers'. Sometimes I "win," sometimes Dan is the clear victor. Dan won this time around. While the shrimp burger was enjoyable (kind of like a seafood salad with more crunch), Dan's butcher's burger was robust with fresh and rich beef, the sharp and salty bites of bleu cheese and the sweet and buttery ribbons of white onions. I will order the butcher's cut burger next time.

Since we were sitting at the bar, we saw many a "liquid nitrogen" milkshake walk past. Despite them not being "made" with liquid nitrogen so much as having liquid nitrogen poured over them once they're made, they still seemed pretty cool. What's that you say Mr. Bartender? You'll split the milkshake into two short glasses so we can each have a glass? Sounds great! The pistachio and white truffle was calling our name. Oh boy. The shake was dreamy, creamy, indulgent, decadent and every word that is slightly synonymous... wow.

Per Besha Roddell's post from nearly a year ago, we also found the portions and prices to be reasonable. We didn't leave with a food coma; but we were definitely satisfied. Our total bill (2 burgers, 2 sides, 2 beers, 2 cocktails, 1 split milkshake) was $65.00. And free parking! Gah how tired I get of valet parking at even the most approachable of dining establishments. I must admit though, that I was surprised that the shake was my favorite item from the fancy burger purveyor.

My rating: B
Dan's: B

See the menu here.


Greg Cordell said...

Glad you finally made it over there! The chorizo burger is also really good, if a bit messy. And their onion rings are to die for.

Kb_Mal said...

Good to know, Greg!