Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing New Year's Eve Dress-Up with Lindsay

On Monday afternoon, I received a fun e-mail from my friend Lindsay (addressed to me and another girlfriend):

"Alright ladies, I am waaaay too excited about NYE this coming weekend and I would love some style advice. Any chance I can ambush you two before Thursday night for wardrobe help? I am willing to travel with armfuls of clothing...."

So on Tuesday night, I headed over to Lindsay's to play a little New Year's Eve dress up. Lindsay wondered which of three or four outfits would be best for our little holiday party, and also wanted feedback on how to best accessorize.

So here's what she tried on:

A black, one-shoulder dress purchased from Express recently as a "New Year's Eve" outfit contender. Paired with red heels and a thick, black, stretchy belt.

Same dress, same heels but now with a thin, silver/gold rhinestone-studded belt (also from Express).

Now with booties.

Up close of the new, rhinestone belt.

Another accessory option: a sparkly headband.

Thick belt, one-shoulder dress... now with black, peep-toe heels.

Another dress to consider: a whimsical blue, dyed halter dress (originally worn for a friend's wedding). Shown with black peepies.

An elegant looking red silk/chiffon-blend looking dress... originally a longer bridesmaid's dress (gasp!). Again with the black peep-toed heels.

And lastly, a pink satin/silky top with a black pencil skirt, and the black heels. The skirt is part of a suit.

Can you guess which of the "looks" she decided to wear?

(scroll down)

(keep scrolling)

(just a little more)

(almost there!)

You probably guessed it! The black one-shoulder number with the thick belt (plus black heels and a sparkly headpiece). It was decided that while the other dresses and shoe combinations were cute, this dress was especially flattering and the most fitting for the occasion, season, etc.

Lindsay's going to be a knockout at the NYE party!

Maria, we missed you at our little dress-up party!


Greg Cordell said...

That is one FINE looking woman!

Kb_Mal said...

Totally agreed, Greg!

Chiara said...

Love the choice! I think I would go with the red heels over the black though... Very cute with the belt though! Two thumbs up

Kb_Mal said...

C, we were torn between the red and the black shoes!

I think one of the things that put it over the edge was the comfort factor. :)

Lindsay said...

I was actually very, very bad and got a pair of nine west heels in black patent leather last night. I have a feeling I am going to be sorry about that around 11:30 tonight, but I will pack some emergency flats.,default,pd.html?cgid=1040&itemNum=11&variantSizeClass=&variantColor=BLKMUPA

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

You are such a great friend, Katy! I've done this for my ladies, but usually over the phone (out of laziness on my part). Lindsay looks fabulous too!
I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful NYE!!!

ps- When I was picking up the Bottega Veneta at the North Lake Goodwill I thought about you- because I had never been before. I might never have met my dream bag without you and your blog!

pps- New Year Resolution: meet more local bloggers! I hope we can meet you soon Katy ;)

dîner spectacle chippendales Paris said...

J'aime beaucoup ton style principalement avec la première robe et la ceinture menotte est terrible je veux la même.