Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funky Jewelry Love (eBay Seller Recommendation)

It was destined to happen. 

I started a little early Christmas shopping for my husband, four parents, 11 in-laws, four brothers, one sister, three step-brothers, three stepsisters and friends. Despite the big task at hand, I became distracted by wonderfully awesome eBay items that I want for myself!

I just bid on this delicious lot of FIVE vintage necklaces (current bid: $14.99 with free shipping!!!). 

(By the way, I'll reach through my computer and warmly smack any of you readers who may try and outbid me. She has plenty of other options — many with free shipping — so you shouldn't need to bid on the necklaces I'm eyeing.)

Here are just a few other intriguing items being offered by PowerSeller 44brendee (note: this seller has 100% positive feedback).

Glam charm bracelet: $8

Lot of four fab costume necklaces: $14.99

10 assorted pierced earrings (dangly, hoop, etc.) for $14.99

I'm reminded all over again why I heart eBay. Happy shopping, friends! 


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Ooo so many pretty baubles! And I'm so impressed that you've started at least thinking about christmas gifts! So impressive!

kate said...

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