Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6pm — No Better Time (or Place) to Shop

I couldn't resist the really bad pun...

6pm is actually a retail closeout site, mostly for shoes. I was turned onto it by my Atlanta shopping soulmate (Jessica Shops Atlanta) while listening to the Bert Show a while back.

My first visit to the site had a simple mission: find sandals to wear in my best friend Moeko's wedding. My few criteria were silver color (to match our lavender dresses), low heel (the groom's sisters are very petite so the taller girls are wearing shorter heels to offset the height differences) and moderate price. From what I heard Jessica say, I didn't think it should be a problem.

Voila! Found 'em in under five minutes, and for a fabulous $15.01, nonetheless. 

While I was at it, I decided to peruse some career heels. My simple, black, medium-height heels had long been in distress and expired long ago. Found those, too! A pair of Fitzwells for $25.46.

Grand total with $6.95 standard shipping was $47.42. I ordered my shoes Sunday night and they arrived today (Wednesday). The shoes fit well, are uber comfortable and arrived in a flash. I'm one satisfied customer.


Mb said...

I effing love this site! Thank for telling me about it a while ago.

Katy Beck said...

Glad you like! :)